Top 10 questions about pregnancy and birth answered

Top 10 questions about pregnancy and birth answered

I. Driving:

There is nothing wrong with driving over shorter distances, but I should always fasten my seat belt. The lower belt runs under the body, the upper belt over the stomach. The tension of the upper belt must be adjusted to the possible impairment of chest breathing. I should avoid long car journeys, or take longer breaks, as sitting in a bent position is understandably bad for the blood circulation in the lower half of the body

2. Stomach and breast care during pregnancy:

Stomach and breast care during pregnancy

The elasticity of the strongly stretched abdominal and breast skin is treatable. In the morning, after showering, I should massage both areas lightly with oil – the stomach always clockwise, corresponding to the activity of the large intestine – the breast, avoiding nipple irritation – in the direction of the insertion of the breast muscle in the shoulder area.

3. Girdle:


From time to time I should ask my doctor to palpate my abdominal wall. If a muscle rupture is imminent, wearing a pregnancy panty girdle is advisable.

If I have already suffered a hernia of the abdominal wall (rectus diastasis) during previous pregnancies, wearing a pregnancy girdle is strongly recommended.

4. hyperventilation syndrome:

What happens if I breathe too much?

I get dizzy, my fingers tingle, and if I breathe too much, even my hands may cramp. If I notice one of these signs, I can immediately take the following remedy myself: If possible, I hold the hollow hand in front of the mouth in such a way that no air can escape. Now I exhale into the hollow hand and immediately inhale the used air from the hand again … after a few such breaths, the unpleasant symptoms disappear again. The body has thus freed itself from the excess of oxygen. In the further course of the birth, I will then breathe a little less intensively.

5. Sweating:

In case of increased skin and foot perspiration, do not use the commercially available sprays, but limit yourself to frequent water and soap applications.

6. Swimming:

is very beneficial¬† – “take care of your health”.

Top 10 questions about pregnancy and birth answered-swimming

Swimming without jumping can be done without hesitation until the announcement of discomfort from the abdomen.

7. Heartburn:

If the household remedy – taking oatmeal between 2 fingers and eating it raw – does not help any more, I ask my doctor for a medicine – before I have already limited my consumption of bean coffee and sour fruit.

8. Sunbathing:

I do not sunbathe at all, because intensive insolation disturbs my normal circulation.

9. Breastfeeding:

Top 10 questions about pregnancy and birth answered

10. striae (stretch marks):

These are little affected because they depend on the inherited elasticity and stretch of the skin. Skincare should start in a delicate form during pregnancy (see question 2).

11. full massages:

are to be rejected. As the hormonally increased blood circulation is strongly stimulated anyway, one should not additionally activate the circulation too much.

12. preventive medical checkups:

Experience shows that not all pregnant women notice them.

To eliminate risk of births tunliebt, I will not miss any examination appointment.

Only through constant medical checks can threatening symptoms be detected and combated at an early stage.

13. calf cramps:

They are caused by poor blood circulation and can be

  • a) are best eliminated by preventive intensive foot and leg gymnastics, preferably with the legs in a high position
  • b) be released by striking out or loosening the muscle in question.

14. lochia:

Weekly flow is the wound secretion which is secreted by the palm-sized placenta (afterbirth) tear in the uterus. The healing process is deliberately accelerated by frequent prone position, breastfeeding, and efforts to regress.

15. dentist:

Tooth whitening tooth decay therapy dentist


It is absolutely necessary to have your teeth checked from the outset, especially since already indicated tooth damage develops faster during pregnancy.

However, special attention must also be paid to the child’s calcium requirements, since the mother is the source of calcium.


Top 10 questions about pregnancy and birth answered

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