Quartet of marvels: She has quadruplets without fertility treatments, and they are identical

Jenny Marr, a woman in the United States, gave birth to identical quadruplets at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on March 15. This was just one week before the start of mandatory home care and social distancing regulations in Dallas County in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what makes the birth of these newborns so special is the rarity of its occurrence: these babies are identical monochorionic quadruplets, of which there are only 72 cases recorded in medical literature, according to her obstetrician,

Lauren Murray.

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The babies, named Henry, Hudson, Harrison, and Hardy, were born at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on March 15, 2020. As reported by CBSS DFW, the babies were born just one day before Dallas County imposed a mandatory home containment order due to the pandemic.

Their parents, Jenny and Chris Marr, both only children, ensure that there have never been cases of multiple births in their respective families.

Dr. Lauren Murray, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Texas Health Dallas, described the births of Hudson, Harrison, Henry and Hardy as “extremely rare. “The four male babies are Identical monochorionic quadruplets, indicating that they shared a single placenta in the uterus.

The first time Chris Marr and his wife, Jenny Marr, were able to hold all four of their sons at the same time. (Family photo)
Chris Marr and his wife, Jenny Marr. (Family photo)

“There have been only 72 documented cases of quadruplets born from identical births without fertility treatment,” Murray said.

According to the Rancho Bernardo News Journal, the babies were delivered by C-section(Caesarean section) two minutes apart. Jenny Marr was only able to reunite the four of them together beside her 19 days after their birth.

“It is by the grace of God that we have these babies,” she said.

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The new mother explained that giving all the babies H-names was “totally unintentional. “Jenny and her husband said they both like the names they have chosen.

Jenny Marr visits her 1-month-old quadruplets in the NICU at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. (Family photo)
Jenny Marr visits her 1-month-old quadruplets in the NICU. (Family photo) Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

Jenny described the moment she learned she was carrying more than one child. It was right after the sonographer turned to them with a worried expression on her face. “It immediately occurred to me, ‘Oh no, that’s it, there’s no heartbeat,'” recalls Jenny. And in the next second, I said, ‘Oh no, what am I saying, of course there’s a heartbeat!! ยป

Jenny was already getting used to the idea with Chris that they were going to have twins, but it was without counting on the stunning revelation that followed. He announced, “No, folks. It’s three heartbeats ago! There are three babies,” said the mother.

The mother-to-be described the revelation as “scary”, but the surprises were not overwhelming. The couple went to visit Dr. Brian K. Rinehart, a renowned expert on multiple pregnancies in Dallas, and the doctor’s sonographer quickly discerned and confirmed the actual number of fetuses in gestation.

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She said, ‘Well, this is something I shouldn’t be supposed to tell you, but there are four babies present,'” Jenny recalls, adding that she and her husband were speechless.

“So I turned to Dr. Rinehart and told him I wouldn’t be back next week, because this time there would be five!โ€ฏ”Chris joked.

The couple confirmed that they had not used fertility treatments; their four identical babies were the result of an egg that spontaneously divided four times after being fertilized.

As the babies were obviously going to grow and get bigger, the doctors recommended Jenny follow a diet of 3,000 calories a day before birth. “They never stop,” Jenny told Fox 4 News. “They never stop moving! “Jenny went into labor after 28 weeks and four days of pregnancy.

She has quadruplets without fertility treatments
A woman has quadruplets without fertility treatments (Family photo)

On the day they were born, the Hudson brothers, Harrison, Henry and Hardy were treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital before spending nearly a month in the Special Care Nursery at Texas Health Dallas.

Identical monochorionic quadruplets were finally discharged from the hospital on May 12. Jenny and Chris created an Instagram account, The Marr the Merrier, to share their babies’ journey from the NICU to discharge.

“I drive a Honda Accord and Chris has a pickup truck,” Jenny jokes to Fox 4, “so how are we going to do this? We have to go shopping! Result: we have to buy a new car! ยป

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