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Baby Girl Names Starting with Ru +150 unique girl names :

Ru: One who is like a scholar Unisex

Rua: One perfect as a Goddess Parvati

Ruaa : An invisible woman

Ruana : Musical Instrument with a string

Ruari: An Irish red-haired ruler Unisex

Ruba: One who lives and comes from the hil

Rubaa: A woman who lives in the hill

Rubab: The benefitial profits of blessings

Rubaba: An Arabic name that means Rose

Rubabah: A flowery and rosy girl

Rubadah: A woman who is a gift of heaven

Rubaina: A glowing and shining person

Rubaline: A gemstone of deep red colour

Ruban: A very bright woman

Rubay: A daughter of the Muaw

Rubee: A woman who is like a red gemstone

Rubeina: A waterfall of love

Rubi: One who is like a red gemstone, like a ruby

Rubia: A colour of the ruby

Rubianna: A ruby-like person

Rubie: A woman who is like a ruby

Rubiela: She is a ruby

Rubin: An ability of sight, a son

Rubina: A woman who is like a ruby red gemstone

Rubini: A woman full of cuteness

Rubiya: An arrival of the spring season

Ruby: A precious red jewel

Rubye: A woman who is precious like a ruby

Rucha: A woman who is full of light and brightness

Ruchel: One who is the ewe of God

Ruchika: A girl who is greatly desired for her shine and beauty

Ruchira: A brifht woman who has great taste

Ruchita: A woman who is pleasing

Rudainah: A very old Arabic name for a girl

Rudaynah: An old Arabic girl name

Rudella: Famous

Rudi: One who has the fame of the wolf

Rudie: One whose fame is like a wolf’s

Rudina: One who is like a lgendary wolf

Rudo: A feeling of love Unisex

Rudolfa: A legendary female wolf

Rudra: Lord Shiva’s consort Unisex

Rudrakali: A name of the Goddess Durga

Rudrakshi: A name of Paravati

Rudrani: Lord Shiva’s wife

Rudrapriya: Goddess Durga’s name

Rufaidah: One who felps and supports others

Rufaro: A feeling of true happiness

Rufayah: Hadith’s early student

Rufayda: A female peer of the Prophet

Rufaydah: One who supports Allah

Rufina: A woman who is of red hair

Rufqa: Something that gives benefit.

Rugu: A woman who is soft and tender

Ruhaimah: A compassionate and merciful woman.

Ruhama: A receiver of mercy

Ruhamah: A beloved person who received mercy

Ruhan: A spiritual and kind-hearted one

Ruhani: A spiritual, divine person

Ruhaniya: A woman filled with spirituality

Ruhee: A woman who touches your heart with her soul

Ruhi: One with a beutiful soul

Ruhia: A soulful woman

Ruhie: A calm and composed girl

Ruhin: A spritual woman

Ruhina: One who smells like a

Ruhiya: A woman of great spirits, a spritual one

Ruhm: A daughter of the narrator of Hadith

Ruhma: A woman of kind and merciful nature

Rujita: A woman known for her beauty

Rujula: An endower of the wealth

Rujuta: A woman of honesty and sincerity

Rukan: A person with a steady nature

Rukayat: One who the Allah loves

Rukhaiyabanu: The name of the Akbar’s second wife

Rukhaylah: A name for both Boys and girls

Rukhi: A girl who is kind of own heart

Rukhila: One who loves her heart

Rukhmini: A name of the Goddess Laxmi

Rukhsana: A woman with beautiful cheeks

Rukhsar: A woman with pretty face and cheeks

Rukhsara: A girl whose cheeks are pretty

Rukm: One who is decorated with gold

Rukmi: A name of Lord Krishna

Rukmini: A woman adorned, decorated with gold

Ruksana: A gorgeous and lovely persian princess

Ruksha: A girl who is beautiful

Rula: One who is a model, an example

Ruli: A braclet of a kind

Rum: An alcoholic dring popular with pirates

Ruma: One who is a Queen of apes

Rumailah: An ancient Arabic name

Rumaisa: She is like a bouquet of flowers

Rumaithah: A name of Sahabiyah

Rumaylah: An ancien female Arabic name

Rumaysa: A name for the Sirius star

Rumayta: A narrator of Hadith

Rumaythah: An old, very old Arabic name

Rumeha: A girl who is a beautful stone

Rumena: Feminine form of Rumen, meaning ruddy or red cheeked.

Rumeysa: Variant of Rumaisa. It means wind that scatters dust and hides footprints and tracks.

Rumh: A gypsy woman

Rumi: A beauty of the lapus lazuli

Rumjana: A rudy cheeked girl

Rumla: A female of composed nature

Rumman: She who is one of the people of the Rummana

Rummana: A plum purple colour

Rumor: A feeling of falsity

Run zhun: A woman of sweer sound

Runa: A strenght of a man

Rung: Color; Colorful; Symbolises Joy and happiness; Vibrant and Colorful person

Runild: An english baby girl name

Runu: The sound of jingles

Ruomhildi: Glorious; Battle Maiden; Honoured in Battle;

Rupa: A beauty of silver

Rupal: A girl who is beautiful

Rupalabanya: A gorgeous and beautiful girl

Rupalekha: Vedic hymn

Rupali: A woman who is the most beautiful of all

Rupamadhuri: A graceful girl

Rupamadhurjya: A woman of great grace

Rupamanjari: Made of silver

Rupashi: A dame who is beautiful

Rupashri: A divinely beautiful girl

Rupasi: A beautiful young girl

Rupeeya: One who is a rupee

Ruperta: A female whose fame shines

Rupeshwari: She who is a Goddess of beauty

Rupetta: A very famous girl

Rupi: One of great beauty

Rupika: To have a form of something

Rupina: A beautiful woman

Rupinder: A woman who is extremly beautiful

Rupkatha: One who is a great story-teller

Ruponti: One who knows good strories

Ruqa: One who is a bright blue flower

Ruqaya: She is a daughter of the Prophet

Ruqayah: Prophet Muhammed’s daughter

Ruqayqah: A prominent woman’s name

Ruqayya: Prophet’s female child

Ruqayyah: Muhammed’s female child

Ruqsar: A brilliant young woman

Rusa: A woman from Rutheria region

Rusalka: A wood’s spite

Rusen: One who is jovial and cheerful.

Rush: An american name meaning red woman

Rushda: A woman of good guidance

Rushdia: One who follows the right path

Rushdiya: A woman who is guided down the right path

Rushikulya: Sprout of beauty

Rushita: A bright and intelligent girl.

Rusiko: Rusiko is also the short form of Rusudan, meaning day

Ruska: Short form of Rusudan, meaning day

Ruslana: A woman as powerful as a lioness, lioness

Russom: One who is a leader, a head of the charge

Rusti: A variation of Rusty, means a person witha red head

Rusudani: Variant of Rusudan, meaning day

Rut: She who is loyal friend

Ruta: A woman friends

Rutaba: Reputation

Rutanshi: Truth

Rute: A friendly woman

Rutendo: One who has a faith

Ruth: A woman who is a good friend

Ruthann: A friend of grace

Ruthanna: A companion of great grace

Ruthanne: A woman full of grace and friendship

Ruthe: One who is a companion and a friend

Rutherford: A friend who comes from the ford

Ruthie: A companion who is a vidion of beauty

Ruthvika: Speech

Ruti: A firendly neighbor woman

Rutina: A neighborly, friendly woman

Ruwa: An Arabic name for a beautiful woman

Ruwaa: One with a beautiful appereance

Ruwaida: To walk very gently

Ruwaidah: An unhurrying, gentle person

Ruwayd: One who is like a soft breeze, a leader

Ruwayda: A soft wind’s breeze

Ruwaydah: She is like the soft, gentle breeze

Ruxana: Name of an iranian princess. Means a lady who is light and brilliant

Ruxandra: A variant of Roxana, meaning bright or dawn.

Ruxshin: Shining and bright. One with a shining and bright personality.

Ruya: A woman who is a vision, a sight

Ruyaa: A dreamy woman who is like a vision

Ruyah: A lady who is a vision in a dream

Ruza: She who is a beautiful rose

Ruzaynah: A name given to a girl that is free from slavery

Ruzena: A variation of Latin name Rose

Ruzha: Rose in Bulgarian language.

Baby Girl Names Starting with Ru
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Baby Girl Names Starting with Ru