300 Best Baby Girl Names and Meanings 2020 Unique and Trending ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

300 Best Baby Girl Names and Meanings 2020

300 Best Baby Girl Names and Meanings 2020:

1- Names Meaning ‘Flower’ For Your Little Girl:

Flowers have that special feminine touch, and are often associated with girls.

  • Aboli: an uncommon Hindu name that means flower.
  • Daisy: Many girls are named after these yellow flowers and dainty white.
  • Ketki: This name is often spelt as Ketaki; (the spelling differs on the basis of community).
  • Kusum: This popular name means flower.
  • Juhi: This flower belongs to the jasmine family. (You can name your girl Juhi or Jasmine)
  • Zahra: an Arabic name means flower.

2- Baby Girl Names Meaning Romance:

  • Kalila: It means heap of love in Arabic
  • Cer: Welsh name meaning love
  • Yaretzi: An Aztec name that means ‘you will always be loved’
  • Shirina: This is an American name meaning love song
  • Amora: Spanish name for love
  • Davina: Beloved
  • Darlene: Dear or loved one
  • Ai: Japanese name for love

3- Names For Your Baby Girl Meaning ‘Moonlight’ :

if you are a fan of mythology, These beautiful names are linked to Goddess Moon:

  • Luna: Moon (in Spanish and Italian)
  • Celine: Moon
  • Diana: Moon Goddess
  • Rishima: Moon beam

4- Names Signifying ‘Happiness’

We all want our child to be happy always, so you can put that emotion in her name itself!

  • Muskaan: Smile, happiness
  • Farrah: Happy

5- Names Meaning ‘Successful’

As parents, We all want our kids to be successful in life. Name your child after that and let her understand your intention.

  • Naila: Successful
  • Yashashree: The Goddess of success
  • Yashita: Successful
  • Victoria: meaning victory, still remains popular. (The name of the British queen)
  • Fawziya: Victorious

6- Baby Names That Mean “Pretty” And “Beautiful” :

  • Abigail: A father’s joy, beautiful.
  • Alina: The noble one
  • Bella: Beautiful
  • Bellezza: Beauty or beautiful
  • Belinda: Pretty one, very beautiful
  • Bonita: Pretty
  • Bonnie: Pretty or attractive
  • Caily: Pretty or slender
  • Calista: Most beautiful
  • Calliope: Beautiful voice

7- Names Based On Mythology:

enduring and beautiful names. The meanings make them special.

  • Chitrangada: Wife of Pandava prince Arjuna
  • Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of love.
  • Penelope: This is a Greek name. Penelope was the wife of The Trojan War hero Ulysses.
  • Cassandra or Kassandra: The daughter of king Priam of Troy who could predict the future.
  • Althea: This name is found both in Greek mythology and pastoral poetry.
  • Anagha: Goddess Lakshmi
  • Hamsini: Goddess Saraswati
  • Ariadne: A name found in Greek mythology which means ‘most holy’

8- Names Based On Musical Notes:

  • Isaiarasi: Queen of music
  • Gunjan: Musical sound
  • Alvapriya: Music lover
  • Aarohi: A musical tone. This name has seen a rebirth recently.
  • Prati: One who appreciates and loves music

9- Spiritual Girl Names

  • Grace: Goodness, generosity
  • Assisi: Italian place-name
  • Seraphina: Fiery-winged
  • Lourdes: Reference to Mother Mary
  • Helena: Light
  • Chinmayi: Spiritual joy
  • Angelique: Like an angel
  • Celestia: Heavenly
  • Magdalena: Gift of God
  • Chava: Life
  • Angela: Angel
  • Gwyneth: Blessed
  • Aisha: Lively
  • Batya: Daughter of God
  • Khadija: Early Baby

10- Edgy Girl Names:

  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom
  • Harlow: Army
  • Tatum: Tate’s homestead
  • Lux: Light
  • Primrose: First rose
  • Tove: Thunder
  • Audrey: Noble strength
  • Layla: Night
  • Lucille: Light
  • Piper: Pipe player
  • Tenley: Burnt clearing
  • Harper: Harp player
  • Ivy: A plant name
  • Teagan: Little poet or pretty
  • Monroe: Mouth of the Roe river
  • Juniper: Tree name
  • Stella: Star
  • Maisie: Pearl
  • Blythe: Happy
  • Willow: Willow tree

11- Muslim Names For Your Baby Girl:

  • Aadila: Honest and equal
  • Atiya: Gift, present
  • Aa’eedah: Reward
  • Afaaf: Virtuous, pure and decent
  • Ahd: Knowledge, pledge
  • Abeer or Abir: Fragrance
  • Alia: Exalted, lofty and sublime
  • Aleema: Learned, wise

12- Beautiful Hindu Names For Girls

  • Angarika: A flame coloured flower named palash.
  • Dakshi: The glorious
  • Akuti: Princess
  • Elakshi: a woman with intelligent eyes
  • Adrika: Celestial
  • Alisha: Protected by God
  • Aashi: Smile
  • Amodini: Joyful
  • Amolika: Priceless
  • Abhilasha: Ambition or desire
  • Anahita: Graceful
  • Abha: Lustrous beauty
  • Aashirya: From the land of God
  • Anura: Knowledgeable
  • Anika: Goddess Durga

13- Obscure Girl Names

 unusual and obscure names:

  • Kalilah: Beloved
  • Galiana: Calm healer
  • Alouette: Lark
  • Fayette: Faith
  • Leontine: Lion
  • Alexina: Defending men
  • Jacinda: Hyacinth
  • Meliora: Better
  • Belva: Beautiful view
  • Caricia: Caress

14- Barbie Girl Names

  • Barbie: Foreign woman
  • Cara: Face
  • Christie: A Christian
  • Dana: From Denmark
  • Diva: Goddess
  • Francie: From France
  • Jamie: Supplanter
  • Jazzie: Jasmine
  • Kelly: War
  • Krissy: Follower of Christ
  • Midge: Pearl
  • Stacie: Resurrection
  • Steffie: Garland
  • Tracy: Of Thracia
  • Whitney: White Island

15- Baby Names That Mean “Pretty” And “Beautiful” :

  • Calixta: Most beautiful or the most lovely
  • Donatella: A beautiful gift
  • Ella: Beautiful fairy
  • Ellen: Most beautiful woman
  • Ellie: Shining light, or the most beautiful woman
  • Erina: The beautiful one
  • Fayre: Beautiful
  • Felicia: Lucky or successful
  • Iowa: Beautiful land
  • Isa: Beautiful
  • Jacintha: Beautiful
  • Jolie: Beautiful or pretty
  • Kaytlyn: Smart, a beautiful young child
  • Keva: Beautiful child
  • Kyomi: Pure and beautiful
  • Lillie: Purity, beauty
  • Lilybelle: Beautiful lily
  • Linda: Pretty
  • Lynne: Beautiful waterfall
  • Lucinda: Beautiful light
  • Mabel: My beautiful one
  • Mabs: Beautiful lover
  • Marabel: Beautiful Mary
  • Meadow: Beautiful field
  • Mei: Beautiful
  • Miyeon: Beautiful, kind-hearted, or pleasing
  • Miyuki: Beautiful, happy, or good luck
  • Naamah: Pleasant
  • Naava: Delightful and beautiful
  • Naomi: Pleasant or beautiful
  • Nefertari: The most beautiful
  • Nefertiti: The beautiful one
  • Nelly: The shining light
  • Nomi: Beautiful and pleasant
  • Norabel: Beautiful light
  • Omorose: The beautiful child
  • Orabelle: Beautiful seacoast
  • Rachel: Beautiful
  • Raanana: Fresh and pleasing
  • Ratih: Most beautiful or god-like beauty
  • Rosaleen: Beautiful, little rose
  • Rosalind: Pretty rose
  • Sapphire: Beautiful gem
  • Tazanna: Beautiful princess
  • Tegan: The loved one or the favorite one
  • Tove: Gorgeous and beautiful
  • Ulanni: Very beautiful or a heavenly beauty
  • Venus: Goddess of beauty and love
  • Xin: Joyful and happy
  • Yedda: Beautiful voice
300 Best Baby Girl Names and Meanings 2020 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Unique and Trending