12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby :


It is increasingly strongly recommended that the baby be breastfed immediately after birth. The following advantages are highlighted: The foremilk has immunological substances to protect against infectious diseases;

has vitamins and minerals that contribute to the development of the child; it has a mild laxative effect that cleans the infant’s intestines; it releases the lactane hormone that triggers milk production.

Breastfeeding 12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

The blood vessels contract better, thus accelerating the healing of the placenta. If the child is put on soon, the often very painful, abrupt milk shot is no longer necessary, as the milk production can slowly start.

If I want to keep the breasts that have become firm during pregnancy as much as possible, I can only do so if I take into account the natural function of the breasts.

By avoiding the breastfeeding process, the cheated breast slackens to an extent that cannot be compensated by any gymnastics.

In addition, it should be noted that the extensive, slack uterus muscles find their normal regression during the breastfeeding process. I myself notice pulling processes in the uterus during breastfeeding, which is nevertheless no cause for concern. Willingly I cannot reach this muscle area by gymnastic exercises.

One as well as the other belongs to the normal harmonization of the sexual organs. Many women do not know that there is always only room for 20 to 30 grams of milk in the breast.

The more milk my baby needs is only produced by the stimulating sucking activity of my baby – or, if necessary, by the milk pump.

To put on my baby only twice a day – means from the beginning:

weaning, cutting off my milk production. Putting on 5 to 6 times a day means adjusting the milk production to the needs of the baby. The constantly repeated stimulus promotes production and also, to a great extent, the happy care for my child.

12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

30 minutes after each breastfeeding, the hormone content (prolactin) in the mother’s blood increases and stimulates the milk vesicles in her breast to function again.

If the baby is put on again after 2 hours, it will receive the milk that it stimulated to produce during breastfeeding (or pumping). The milk then fills the milk vesicles ready for use. Through consistent breastfeeding, the normal stimulation of milk production can be exploited – around the 8th to 11th day, and around the 20th day.

It has been proven that over 90% of mothers could breastfeed if they wanted to and were professionally informed. It is also known that breast-fed children are less susceptible to allergies, respiratory and intestinal infections.

It should also be considered that today the intention seems certain that mothers who breastfed their children are less likely to develop breast cancer.

weaning :

Weaning 12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

  • for 2 days, replace the second breastfeed with a bottle.
  • For 2 days, additionally replace the 3rd breast meal with other food.
  • Replace the 4th breast meal with another food for 2 days.
  • Replace the 5th breastfeed with another food for 2 to 4 days.
  • Then only give both breasts in the morning when the amount of milk has decreased
  • then suspend for 1 day
  • then suspend for 2 days
  • then suspend for three days…
  • and finally dock in the morning one last time…
  • the milk runs out all by itself, because the permanent production incentive – putting on – is discontinued.


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12 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby